AFRICA – Any startup requires cash to operate, but it is the application of capital in smart ways that secures greater impacts and returns on investments.

It is for this reason that Venture Capital for Africa has been engaging itself in developing capacity of mentors to enable them to provide proper guidance to Africa’s growing number of entrepreneurs.

Over the past two years, VC4A has successfully implemented Mentor-Driven Capital programs in Nairobi, Lagos, Abuja, Cairo and Hargeisa, bringing together aspiring business angels and connecting them with promising startups.

To further upscale its impact on African entrepreneurship, VC4A has launched a new dedicated online training program designed for Africa’s business angels (people aspiring to become mentors to entrepreneurs in Africa).

According to VC4A CEO, Ben White: “Since VC4A’s offline programs can only reach a limited number of participants, we’ve decided to create an online course that captures much of the content of the recent mentor-focused work.”

“Anyone who is interested can now take advantage of the first dedicated training program designed for African business professionals keen to guide Africa’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs to success.”

The program which is known as “Mentor-Driven Capital” comprises 10 free training and is designed based on lessons presented and gathered, as well as video interviews done with experienced mentors and mentees.

It aims to boost the ability of participants to become high-powered mentors that support entrepreneurs while also learning to think and act like savvy business angels.

Participants will receive expert guidance, training, and hands-on support. The things aspiring mentors need to bring to the table are their valuable time, knowledge and networks.

Many startup ecosystem studies across Africa have shown that there are limited local (angel) funding sources as well as a lack of well-developed mentorship networks in most African cities.

VC4A- an ecosystem builder that leverages its infrastructure, network and expertise for programs that contribute to Africa’s startup movement- with its local partners, has thus designed the Mentor-Driven Capital program to addresses both topics at the same time.

The program also offers an aspiring and dedicated local business angel an opportunity to make the difference between venture failure, survival and success.

Since 2008, the organization has been designing, structuring and implementing successful entrepreneurship programs on the continent.

VC4A also runs an online platform featuring the world’s largest database of African startups connecting local entrepreneurs to learning resources, mentors, investors and partner programs.