Tech-startup Rizek launches its mobile smart application in Egypt

EGYPTRizek, a leading provider of smart services in the Arab world and the Middle East, has launched its mobile smart application in Egypt with the aim of upholding Egypt’s approach towards achieving digital transformation.

The newly launched Rizek application in Egypt includes a group of different cutting-edge services that cover almost everything such as cleaning, beautification, maintenance, transportation, and pet care.

“We believe in the fact that Egypt is a large and a promising investment market, as it is rich with more than 100 million people,” Abdullah Abu Sheikh CEO and Founder of Rizek said in a statement.

“Not to mention, the Egyptian economy’s diversity of sources of income makes this country have many opportunities for growth, especially that in 2020 it was able to achieve the second largest economic growth rate in the world by 3.6%.

“We are fully confident that our smart application will represent a new and strong addition to the smart services market in Egypt, where the user can, after downloading the application and registering the data, choose the service they want, as well as select the payment method in order to get the most consummate services from the best reliable providers without any hassle.”

“We believe in the fact that Egypt is a large and a promising investment market, as it is rich with more than 100 million people.”

Abdullah Abu Sheikh – CEO and Founder, Rizek

The startup has raised US$20 million in investments so far. Most recently it raised US$10 million in a Series A round in May 2021.

Rizek’s CEO is certain that the Egypt launch is happening at the nick of time since the Egyptian government is currently digitizing all services. Still according to him, the company’s ultimate target is to provide better services to the Egyptian citizens, especially post the Coronavirus crisis that has given the digital transformation an impetus to expand.

“Rizek application contains an important set of services that are indispensable in the Egyptian home, in addition to the presence of a trained customer service to ensure offering the best experience to users, enabling them to benefit from the services to the fullest,” Manar Al-Amin CEO of Rizek Egypt pointed out.

“Needless to say, this application’s launch in Egypt directly contributes to reducing the unemployment rates, and simultaneously increasing the rate of employment in various sectors of the Egyptian market.

“But how is that? Well the answer is that Rizek proffers job opportunities to the efficient and adept service professionals, and it supports them with additional income besides their basic salaries, incentives, and rewards so as to maintain the quality of services provided, as well as underpin Egypt’s orientation towards implementing digital methods, strengthening the service sector, thus advancing the wheel of development.”

It is worth mentioning that Rizek is one of the fastest growing startups in Abu Dhabi and the application has more than 100 thousand subscribers (service providers) so far. and more than 45 thousand who have registered their data.

The launch of this application came in the context of a press conference that was attended by Abdullah Abu Sheikh, CEO, and Founder of Rizek, together with Manar Al-Amin, CEO of Rizek Egypt.

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