French educational group Open Sky International launches in Egypt

EGYPTThe French Paris based educational group Open Sky International has announced the opening of its first school in Cairo offering bilingual (FR/ENG) education, in addition to teaching Arabic to a high standard.

With the full support of the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the French Embassy in Egypt, the group’s first school in Egypt will welcome 180 pre-school and primary school children as of September 2021, with plans to open 10 additional schools in Egypt by 2025.

Open Sky International (OSI) made the announcement during an event to discuss strengthening French-Egyptian relations in the presence of Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister for Teacher Affairs, Ministry of Education – Egypt, French Ambassador to Egypt H.E. Stéphane Romatet, Managing Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt Karim Wissa, and the CEO and Co-Founder of Open Sky International Emmanuel Fayad.

“Open Sky International schools prepare pupils to succeed in a rapidly changing, competitive, multicultural world,” said Emmanuel Fayad, CEO and Co-Founder, Open Sky International.

“French-English bilingual education is a strategic lever to support the highest levels of academic excellence among Egypt’s next generation of leaders, allowing them to make the most of their skills in an increasingly open and globalized world.”

“Open Sky International schools prepare pupils to succeed in a rapidly changing, competitive, multicultural world.”

Emmanuel Fayad – CEO and Co-Founder, Open Sky International

OSI’s French-English bilingual education is a combined learning solution that meets the following expectation: English for future professional mobility, French for its richness and for the values it shares, and Arabic for a deeper understanding of where Egyptian children take roots, offering students the widest range of possibilities for their future.

“Language is a key to culture. English-speaking countries are marked by a common language and culture. Francophonia, the love of France and its great authors, are a strong link that unites us. The Arab world has a secular culture to which we owe the first great scientific and medical advances,” explained Fayad.

“We deliver the only educational curriculum that embraces international culture with due respect to local cultures. Why should we have to choose? Opening one child’s future, embracing an international culture should not mean forgetting your own. Students with both international and local culture make stronger adults.”

To ensure balanced growth in pupils between academic prowess and personal development, OSI follows a methodology that allows pupils to acquire a deep knowledge of the language to express their opinions, feelings and thoughts.

This is built around the belief that the love of languages opens access to knowledge, which develops the pursuit of excellence, and fulfilment, preparing young minds to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

OSI offers a unique curriculum, built after an international benchmark and based on British, Australian, Singaporean and French curricula, combining the best educational methods from around the world to enable pupils to benefit from the best aspects of international education.

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