Egypt set to receive US$0.13m from Germany for small projects run by NGOs

EGYPTThe German Embassy in Cairo has announced that it will provide Egypt with a grant of EGP 2 million (US$0.13m) this year, that will go towards small projects run by 10 Egyptian non-governmental organisations.

As part of its global initiative in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Germany has also created an additional fund of just over EGP 1 million (US$64,000).

The finance will go towards supporting Egypt in fighting the pandemic through the projects of six other organisations.

German Ambassador in Cairo Cyrill Nunn personally presented the representatives of three of the sponsored organisations with the appropriate cheques in recognition of their efforts.

“It is always impressive to see how big the difference can be that organization like yours can make in the lives of individuals,” Nunn said.

“I am therefore particularly pleased that we can support you in your so important work, especially in times of the pandemic.”

“It is always impressive to see how big the difference can be that organization like yours can make in the lives of individuals.”

Cyrill Nunn – German Ambassador in Cairo

He presented the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation with a cheque for the purchase of a blood and plasma warming device for the Magdi Yacoub Heart Center in Aswan, which performs heart operations free of charge for those in need, especially children.

Another donation went to the Waqfeyat al Maadi Community Foundation, to set up a small workshop for fabrics, home accessories, masks, and bags. This goes towards supporting around 50 families who face sudden unemployment and have lost their source of income.

The aim of the foundation is to train these families in sewing and printing, so that they can reliably earn a living themselves.

Through the Future Lights Foundation, Germany is promoting an initiative for rubbish collectors from the Ezbet Al-Nakhl and El Khosous areas to combat COVID-19. The project aims to train 300 families in the manufacture of disinfectants and cleaning agents, and to distribute 800 hygiene kits to 800 families.

These kits contain cotton towels, soaps, masks, and disinfectants. The foundation is also running a campaign to disinfect the entire neighbourhood.

In addition to the organisations mentioned, the grant will also benefit many other small projects this year.

These include: Montessori kindergartens; projects to support people with special needs and people with mental disabilities; orphanages for boys and girls; a sewing workshop for girls in a village in Giza; and a project to renovate and restore sanitary units in three schools in the Matariya district of Cairo.

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