Delivery startup Gokada launches Super App that will diversify their services

NIGERIAGokada, a delivery, logistics, and transportation start-up has launched a ‘Super App’ where customers can access food delivery, e-commerce, and ride-hailing services in one app.

The Super App launch comes as Gokada crosses US$100 million in annualized transaction value, having completed over 1 million food delivery and e-commerce orders on behalf of over 30,000 merchants in the last 12 months alone.

Growth at the company is accelerating, as Gokada has grown its volume 3x in the last 6 months. With increasing internet penetration and ease of mobile payments, the e-commerce sector in Nigeria is set to grow and last-mile delivery is set to drive this even further.

Gokada is looking to serve this growing market with expansions from its current base in Lagos, across multiple cities in Nigeria, including Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and Ogun.

Gokada plans to leverage its recent NIPOST license for cross-country courier and logistics services as it expands across the country.

“The e-commerce and delivery market in Nigeria is growing at an exponential rate and will be worth US$20 billion over the next few years. I experienced the same kind of growth in India when I was with Zomato,” Nikhil Goel, CEO of Gokada said.

“Much like in India and our counterparts in other emerging markets, Gokada is building a transport infrastructure from the bottom up, using well-trained riders, powered by technology, to connect businesses large and small with a consumer base in its millions.

“This launch is core to our objective of positioning Gokada at the centre of Nigeria’s e-commerce and delivery revolution.”

In addition to the launch of the Gokada Super App and its multi-city expansion plans, Gokada is also strengthening its Senior Management team, with the recent appointment of Dika Oho as VP Product, who was previously Director of Developer Growth at Andela now to lead Gokada’s product development.

Gokada’s expansion will see the creation of new jobs, with the addition of thousands of new G-pilots, the largest last-mile delivery fleet size in Lagos.

As well as significantly expanding its last-mile delivery offering, Gokada will also reintroduce its popular ride-hailing service in cities where licenses are available, initially starting with Ogun and Ibadan.

“The past year has shown us all – whether it be for general use or for business continuity – just how much we rely on delivery services to fulfil daily needs,” Goel added.

“Business is changing, and the Gokada Super App has been designed with that very consideration in mind – keeping customers and businesses connected and updated at all times throughout the delivery process.

“We are excited to be leading and growing this market segment in Nigeria, delivering a service that we believe will be the backbone and catalyst for the future of commerce in Africa.”

As the company expands its service offering, by providing a reliable and seamless same-day delivery service for thousands of more businesses across Nigeria, the Gokada Super App, available on Android and iOS, has been developed so customers will have enhanced discovery of key services and products, easily access all Gokada pilots at the touch of a button, rate the service instantly and choose single or multi-point deliveries.

For the thousands of businesses who rely on the Gokada Super App to fulfil deliveries, they will have access to thousands of pilots, be able to create easy order management, use API integration to create and cancel orders, estimate delivery charges, and receive status updates straight from their mobile device, as well as select route optimization to reduce delivery costs.

Gokada currently works with the likes of Eden, Krispy Kreme, and Sooyah Bistro, and will continue to build out its technology and G-pilot infrastructure to support Nigeria’s growing business community.

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