Crédit Agricole Egypt extends partnership with Visa for 5 years

EGYPTCrédit Agricole Egypt, an Egypt-based bank, has announced that it has signed a new five-year partnership agreement with Visa, a multinational financial services corporation.

Under the new agreement, Visa and Crédit Agricole will continue to cooperate to provide innovative card payment solutions.

“At Credit Agricole Egypt, our priority is our customer’s satisfaction, while ensuring the bank’s continuing growth,” Jean-Pierre Trinelle, Crédit Agricole Egypt Managing Director, commented on the new partnership.

“Therefore, we are proudly extending our 17-year cooperation with Visa to open up new horizons in cards payment services and thus further meet our clients’ needs and expectations,” he added, “In turn, Credit Agricole Visa Cards will be the preferred means of payment of our customers and will lead to a more sustainable relationship.”

Trinelle also said that offering innovative solutions will cement the Crédit Agricole Egypt’s leadership in the field of digital payments.

Crédit Agricole Egypt Deputy Managing Director Walie Lotfy added that, “We seek innovation throughout all our offerings to create a real customer-value as a business driver and a support to the community.”

“Thanks to this extended partnership, Visa will continue to support Credit Agricole Egypt to provide more innovative solutions, out of which inside closed communities where we are the first bank in Egypt to support financial inclusion by converting plastic membership cards into payment cards in some specific communities,” he noted.

“Thanks to this extended partnership, Visa will continue to support Credit Agricole Egypt to provide more innovative solutions.”

Walie Lotfy – Egypt Deputy Managing Director, Crédit Agricole

Ahmed Gaber, Visa’s General Manager for North Africa said that Digital transformation and the use of digital payments have become necessary in modern day to day living, and the ease and speed of which transactions are made is what consumers increasingly expect and what businesses need to offer to thrive.

“From this standpoint, Visa has been working with its partners in the financial and banking sector to support financial inclusion for all clients, from retail banking customers, to SMEs, and corporates,” he added.

“We will continue to introduce new programmes and provide the necessary resources to give individuals and businesses the digital capabilities for today’s world and for the future.”

For her part, El Baba expressed her pride in the partnership with Crédit Agricole Egypt, noting that the renewed cooperation will enable them to continue offering more innovative digital payments solutions to the bank’s cardholders.

She said, “The fruitful cooperation between the two establishments has gone through important milestones, including the launch of the first Visa Infinite credit card in the Egyptian market.”

El Baba said that the new partnership is testimony of Crédit Agricole Egypt’s confidence in Visa’s innovative products and services. She said that her company looks forward to further success in its journey with the bank to provide cardholders secure, convenient, and reliable digital payment solutions.

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