NIGERIA- Chinese building materials giant, Sinoria FABCOM, has announced its plans to build a fiber cement board manufacturing factory in Nigeria’s Abuja State.

The new manufacturing plant is in line with the company’s objective of helping Nigeria solve its acute housing problems by providing quality but affordable building materials to the market.

According to Sinoria FABCOM’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Jackie Dai Hui, the firm would use its affordable building materials expertise to solve the acute housing shortage in Nigeria.

“Just as Sinoria FABCOM is recognised as a leader in the manufacture of the best quality stone coated tiles and galvanised roofing sheets, our fiber cement board will be the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa,” said said Mr. Dai Hui.

 He also said that the first line in the fiber cement board factory would have the capacity to produce over five million square metres in a year.

He was confident that the abundance of necessary raw materials in the country will enable the factory to achieve its target.

According to Mr. Dai Hui, the success it recorded in the production of stone coated roofing sheets motivated the company to venture into fiber cement board manufacturing.

Dai Hui was grateful to President Mohammed Buhari’s administration for creating the right atmosphere for the industrial growth of the country.

He noted that Nigeria was on the right path towards attaining and self-sufficiency in local production of building materials.

He was optimistic that a few years from now many companies in China would find it cheaper to set up factories in the Nigeria due to its huge market potential, which can also become the base for servicing the rest of the African markets.

 “Nigeria has all it takes, the raw materials are there and skilled manpower is on the rise, it is only a question of time and I believe this would be very soon.” Said Mr. Dahui.

“Our company, Sinoria FABCOM, wants to be part of the industrial growth and development of Nigeria and that is why we are reinvesting our profit in the new factory rather than taking it back to China.”

The firm already has an industrial complex in Kuje, Abuja where it set to manufacture stone coated roofing sheet.